Northmoor is a NUT FREE school!

Northmoor is a “Nut-Free School.” We do not allow/offer peanut/tree nut or peanut/tree nut by-products in our school. Please note that we have recently enrolled students who have severe allergic reactions to peanut butter, tree-nuts, and other nut by-products. Reactions to the smell or inadvertent consumption of peanut butter and/or tree nuts can range from mild allergic reactions to serious harm or even fatal results. Students, who are not allergic, are asked to¬†NEVER bring peanut/tree nut containing products or by-products to school. Under no circumstances are treats, candies, or snacks brought into the school or classroom to contain peanut or nut by-products. On behalf or our students who allergic to nuts, we are sincerely grateful for your anticipated cooperation with this safety policy.


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